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The Mystical Meaning Of Life

We all have different beliefs systems, religions leanings, personal philosophies, and ways of explaining the mystery of life. Some people are determined push their beliefs on others. A number of these individuals feel so strongly about the superiority and correctness of their beliefs, that they are willing pay the ultimate price of death to defend them. We need to understand and respect that all beliefs have value to the person expressing them. This essay represents my current understanding and my truth.

We are born of a divine nature. We originate from a divine source of unconditional love and acceptance. The Universal Intelligence, Cosmic Consciousness, Infinite Spirit, etc. . . . manifests in human form to further its spiritual evolution. Therefore, I feel it’s safe to say that “God” or the “Creator” possess’ all human qualities (even a sense of humor). I am not promoting an entirely paganistic view of the God-head, as I believe the Creator is a Collective Being. I like to think us as a Collective Consciousness.

The experience of life takes place within our minds. The Universal Mind through its collective parts (Higher Powers or Collective Entities) sends out individual spirits (You and I) to experience life on its behalf. We create tests and challenges through pre-planning or pre-life designs (missions) that enable us to improve upon aspects of our character. I call this the “pursuit of perfection” or the process of perfection. The paradox of this being that “the present is always perfect” and change (conflict) is the natural state of the universe.

Our Higher Powers (Higher-self) carry’s out the “Human Experiment” through the uncertain (outer) shared reality we perceive through our (primarily) physical senses. We each interpret and give personal meaning to the situations and conditions we encounter outside our minds. These interpretations are generally based and built upon our prior experiences and the information received from other sources.

The Collective Consciousness expands its awareness inward and outward as it interprets and assimilates the lessons and insights we receive through personal journey. These lessons come primarily from the insights we gain as we overcome our tests and challenges in the (outer) physical reality. We call this personal growth and development. Personal improvement leads to an expansion of consciousness, which occurs on all levels and all planes of existence. This includes all past, future, and alternate realities.

The time has come for humanity to remove its blinders, awaken, and evolve to a higher vibration. This is the Age of Consciousness.

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