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Dead Island

Terror. Violence. Madness. Bedlam. A holiday paradise gone mad. A tropical island turns into total chaos after a mysterious zombie outbreak. Cut off from the rest of the world, the player’s only chance to survive is to fight to the death and find a way to escape from the island.

Dead Island combines first-person action with a heavy focus on melee combat, character development and customization of a vast array of weapons. All of these gameplay features are presented in a dark story inspired by classic zombie movies with a gritty and engrossing campaign that can be played with up to four players in co-op mode.

Set in an open world tropical island, hordes of different festering zombies await players around every corner while they embark on a variety of thrilling missions through the holiday resort. With firearms and ammunition being scarce the player must rely on utilizing found items as weapons for self-defense and fight off zombie hordes in intense melee combat. A diverse range of items can be collected and will later serve to transform the player’s ordinary makeshift weapons into serious instruments of destruction.

In addition to satisfying even the most bloodthirsty action fan’s fantasy, Dead Island also features role-playing elements which allow the player to develop one of the game’s unique character classes according to their preferences, all the while learning new skills and fresh tactics during their journey through the perilous environments of the island. What’s more, anytime during a game up to four players can seamlessly join together and experience the intense combat and immersive story with cooperative gameplay.

With the all-new Chrome Engine 5 powering Dead Island, the game will use the latest installment of Techland’s acclaimed proprietary game engine, allowing the player to experience the tropical island paradise in graphical splendor with diverse environments like lush forests and detailed city environments.

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Hackman - Close

Label / Greco-Roman
Cat # / GREC021
Released / July 2011
Style / Dubstep, House

Close is as sunshiny a release as this summer has seen, but it's also cannily predicated: expansive and appealing in ways that don't seem pandering. The title track is lovers' dubstep, straight up, with a smeared, lovelorn soul shout, its faded patina giving the whole thing a memorial feeling. It's remarkably chaste, too, despite Hackman having originally posted it on SoundCloud as "I Just Want Your Clothes." Alicia Keys' refrain of "I just want you close / Then you could stay forever" echoes early-'60s Brill Building pop like "Will You Love Me Tomorrow," and even surrounded by all those right-now bells and whistles it seems timeless.

"Satisfy" goes for another, more deliberate R&B allusion, grabbing what it needs from Thelma Houston's "Don't Leave Me This Way" a cappella and fitting it to a synthed-up mid-tempo nu-disco thump that gains force as it goes, thanks to the way those synths get soundtrack-like without cheese. It's vampy enough to fit on the next Thievery Corporation mix CD, but the production's dryness, and its deliberate pace, make the track not seem merely gimmicky.

The only gimmick on "Your Face Pulling My Hair" is the title. Smartly, Hackman lets the last track, rather than the lead one, get the joke name—the phrase comes from vocals taken off Roberta Flack's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," and that phrase drifts from left speaker to right over a bustling house four, a fizzy synth line and very assured subs. There's nothing new about this approach except the energy and freshness Hackman approaches it with. That's plenty.

Tracklist: Hackman - Close
A1 Close
A2 Satisfy
B Your Face Pulling My Hair

Шефът на Apple подаде оставка

Стив Джобс подаде оставка като генерален директор на Apple - технологичния гигант, който той основа някога в гараж заедно с двама съдружници, предадоха световните агенции.

Ройтерс определя решението на Джобс като зашеметяващ ход, който слага край на 14-годишното му "царуване" в корпорацията. То изглежда е резултат от неуточнения здравен проблем, който го принуди да излезе в отпуска по болест в началото на годината, отбелязва Асошиейтед прес, цитирана от БТА.

55-годишният съосновател на Apple , който се пребори с рак на панкреаса през 2004 г., а през 2009 г. му бе трансплантиран черен дроб, си взе почивка на 17 януари тази година за неопределен период от време, но не обясни заради здравословен проблем. Стив Джобс ще бъде заменен като генерален директор на корпорацията от втория човек в нейната йерархия - операционният директор Тим Кук, който бе смятан от дълго време за негов бъдещ наследник.

Самият Джобс е избран по свое желание за председател на съвета на директорите на компанията. Легендата на Силициевата долина, който обяви своето решение в кратко писмо до съвета на директорите на "Епъл", не посочи мотивите си.

"Винаги съм казвал, че ако един ден не мога да изпълнявам моите задължения и да отговарям на очакванията като директор на Apple , ще съм първият, който ще ви уведоми за това. За жалост, ето че този ден дойде", пише Стив Джобс.

В същото време той планира да запази своето място в съвета на директорите на "Уолт Дисни", съобщи източник, близък до компанията.

Акциите на технологичния гигант поевтиняха рязко със 7 процента след новината до 357,40 долара. Те бяха спрени от търговия, преди да бъде обявено оттеглянето на Стив Джобс, като преди това бяха поскъпнали вчера с 0,7 процента до 376,18 долара.

"Ще кажа на инвеститорите: не изпадайте в паника и останете спокойни, това е правилното нещо, което може да направите", призова финансовият анализатор Колин Гилис.

Джобс основава компанията през 1976 г. заедно с Стив Возняк и Роналд Уейн. Той изиграва ключова роля за революцията на персоналните компютри. Стив Джобс е отстранен от Apple през 1985 г., което води до западане на компанията. Нещата се обръщат и тръгват отново нагоре, едва когато той е убеден да се върне в технологичния гигант през 1996 г.

Джобс представя през 2001 г. музикалния плейър iPod, като по този начин полага основите за излизането през 2007 г. на iPhone и през 2010 г. на Ipad.

източник dnes.bg

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Electric Universe - Higher Modes - 2011

Electric Universe - Higher Modes - 2011

After 2 years in the studio Boris Blenn aka Electric Universe is back.

Mission Statement: Music that excellerates the cells of the body and the vibration of the soul. Tunes that support the access and exploration of the higher realms of consciousness.

Destination: Pure awareness, celebrating the bliss of existence. Dancing into pure ecstasy. Dancefloors go wild.

This Album is a journey through universes of Goatrance. Beautifully uplifting morning tracks, wild kickin Psy, flavoured with bits of Acid, Techno, Indie and Electro. But always staying true to the original vibe of Goatrance. Of course Roland 'Chico' Wedig took part again and fired up 2 tracks with his burning guitar riffs. Check out 'The Funkadelic Drummer' and 'Rockers and Rollers' with some of the wildest drum solos ever, played on the Digital Drumset by Hilmar. Yes, he did it live in 145! Berlin Techno producer Mathias Gleich coproduced 'Daft Robot' and 'Up'. These 2 tracks have a very special vibe and proved their massive impact on parties already. We call this style 'Urban Psy'. Higher Modes is made with the finest Analog and Digital outboard equipment, phatt analog basslines and crystal clear digital leads. Full analog mixing and mastering stages make this record stand out. You can hear and feel the difference.

This record takes off to the next level of Electric Universe.

It is a message straight from the heart.


1 Embracing the sun / Electric Universe
2 The Point / Electric Universe
3 Daft Robot / Electric Universe
4 Rockers and Rollers / Electric Universe
5 Lazerbass / Electric Universe
6 Higher Modes / Electric Universe
7 The Funkadelic Drummer / Electric Universe
8 Gratified / Electric Universe
9 Bodhysattva / Electric Universe
10 Up / Electric Universe
11 All is nothing / Electric Universe

12 The Web / Electric Universe

Source - Psy Mania

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Marco Carola – Play It Loud! [MINUS106]

Marco Carola – Play It Loud! [MINUS106]

1. Marco Carola – Suspense (Original Mix)
2. Marco Carola – The Jingle (Original Mix)
3. Marco Carola – The Method (Original Mix)
4. Marco Carola – Black Box (Original Mix)
5. Marco Carola – Equinox (Original Mix)
6. Marco Carola – Freak On (Original Mix)
7. Marco Carola – Groove Catcher (Original Mix)
8. Marco Carola- Kimbo (Original Mix)
9. Marco Carola – Light House (Original Mix)
10. Marco Carola – Magic Tribe (Original Mix)
11. Marco Carola – One Man Show (Original Mix)
12. Marco Carola – Over Love (Original Mix)
13. Marco Carola – Play It Loud! (Complete Album Mixed Version)
14. Marco Carola – Play It Loud! (Original Mix)
15. Marco Carola – Pop Up (Original Mix)
16. Marco Carola – Question Of Time (Original Mix)

New direction for me with the new album of Marco Carola.

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Ott - Mir - 2011

Ott - Mir - 2011

1. 'One Day I Wish To Have This Kind Of Time'
2. 'Adrift In Hillbert Space'
3. 'Owl Stretching Time'
4. 'Squirrel And Biscuits'
5. 'A Nice Little Place'
6. 'Mouse Eating Cheese'
7. 'The Aubergine Of The Sun'

Оtt и този път не е избягал от характерното и уникалното си звучене. Официалната дата на излизането на новия албум беше 8 март и от тогава тази вълшебна музика не спира да се лее от колоните ми. :) Препоръчвам го на всеки изискан фен на Chill-Out сцената! 10 points!

Younger Brother - Vaccine - 2011

Younger Brother - Vaccine - 2011

1. 'Crystalline'
2. 'Shine'
3. 'Pound A Rhythm'
4. 'Safety In Numbers'
5. 'Night Lead Me Astray'
6. 'Train'
7. 'Spinning Into Place'
8. 'System 700'
9. 'Tetris'

Новият албум Vaccine на Yonger Brother е вече реалност. Траковете са композирани и изпълнение с вокали и неравноделни мелодични пасажи от самото начало та чак до самия край. Аз го намирам за добро попадение в изданията на Twisted Records, а и новия стил в който са се ориентирали Posford, Benji и компания започва да ми допада. 10 points!

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Apple announces iPad 2

iPad 2 Reviews Proclaim It King of the Tablets, but Not an Essential Upgrade

When it comes to iPad 2 reviews, there aren’t many surprises. It’s thinner, faster, and lighter, just like Apple claimed when it was unveiled last week.Reviewers all agree that it’s still the best tablet on the market right now. After all, it’s Apple’s second stab at a tablet, while most competitors are still struggling to launch their first entries (Samsung is one of the rare exceptions with last year’s Galaxy Tab).

For new tablet buyers, the iPad 2 seems like an obvious purchase. But it’s not so clear if it’s a worthwhile upgrade for current iPad owners — unless, of course, you’re a rabid gadget fiend who demands the newest toys.

One of the biggest changes with the iPad 2 is the addition of front and rear cameras. But the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg took issue with Apple’s surprisingly low-quality camera components:

Its cameras take mediocre still photos and Apple won’t even reveal their megapixel ratings. The company says they were designed for video, not still photography. They did capture decent video in my tests, including high-definition video from the rear camera and video good enough from the front camera for satisfying video calling. But, for a company known for quality, which bundles a new still-photo app with the device, the cameras are disappointing.

Back in January, we reported on a rumor that claimed the iPad 2 would ship with the same camera components used in the latest iPod Touch, instead of the higher quality cameras on the iPhone 4. Given that the iPad 2 and iPod Touch now share the same camera specifications, it looks like that rumor was accurate. The iPhone 4 sports a 5-megapixel rear camera, while Apple refuses to put a megapixel rating on both the fourth generation iPod Touch and iPad 2’s cameras.

Daring Fireball’s John Gruber points out how much faster the iPad 2 feels compared to its predecessor:

In practice, the iPad 2 feels like the fastest iOS device I’ve ever used — faster in every way than the iPhone 4… Doing various side-by-side comparisons with an iPad 1, I noticed all sorts of places where the iPad 1 lagged. Apps that were launched slowly. Buttons that were pressed that didn’t take effect immediately. Every little thing on the iPad 2 feels more responsive.

The iPad 2 runs Apple’s new dual-core A5 CPU running at 1 gigahertz. The company claims the A5 sports twice the computing horsepower, and nine times the graphics capabilities, of the original iPad’s A4 chip. In his review, Gruber ran a variety of benchmarks that confirmed Apple’s numbers.

Reviewers also liked Apple’s new Smart Covers (starting at $40 in polyurethane, $70 in leather), which magnetically attach to the iPad 2 and automatically put the device to sleep. The covers can be fashioned to prop up the iPad 2 for video chat calls, or for more comfortable typing.

The New York Time’s David Pogue wisely points out that the iPad 2’s appeal is primarily emotional. It may not be the best tool for certain tasks, but its new design will make it instantly desirable to consumers once they get their hands on it.

Overall, the consensus seems to be that the iPad 2 is an evolutionary update for Apple that will best appeal to new users. It further refines the original iPad’s design, and at $499, it’s still surprisingly the most affordable tablet on the market. But challengers will be popping up soon, so Apple will likely have to make its next iPad, which may land later this year according to some rumors, an even more significant update.

Днешната дата

Днешната дата, а именно 10 март е не толкова известна колкото 8-ми или 3-ти, но все пак си има своите отличителни качества, а именно:


1957 г. — Осама бин Ладен, лидер на терористичната мрежа Ал-Кайда
1958 г. — Шарън Стоун, американска актриса
1973 г. — Ева Херцигова, чешки фотомодел
1940 г. — Чък Норис, американски актьор


България — Ден на Холокоста
Бирма — Празник на сухия сезон
Венецуела — Ден на лекаря

Полша — Ден на мъжете


1977 г. — Астрономи от НАСА откриват пръстените на Уран.

1996 г. — Кубинецът Франциско Ферерас поставя световен рекорд по дълбочина на гмуркане без специални средства — 130 метра.

1861 г. — В САЩ са пуснати в обръщение първите банкноти.

1876 г. — Александър Бел осъществява първия успешен двупосочен разговор по телефон.

1963 г. — Официално е открит стадиона Георги Аспарухов с мач между ПФК Левски (София) и ПФК Спартак (Плевен).

Бразилски страсти

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Музика - Електронна

One of the very best psy festivals Europe has to offer!

Set in gorgeous Hungarian countryside over 6 days in the middle of the summer with a ridiculous line-up of the best psy artists at the unbelievably extortionate cheap price...

Този фестивал ми се върти в главата от маса време. Може тази година да се посети. Няма нищо по-хубаво от това лятото да си на такова място вместо на ангажиращото за мен море. Особено когато става въпрос за велики заглавия като тези от лайн-ъпа и то на такава цена. Чудя се листът с необходими неща колко е дълъг...!

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Game Over!

И така след не кратката отпуска дойде време отново за работа. Хубаво е човек от време на време да си дава почивка от цялата лудница и да се отдаде на неща за които през останалото време няма възможност. Аз лично се отдадох на дълги застои пред някой хитов филм, с широка гама от пуканки и всякакви други хрупкавини, а леглото ми вече не ме обича. Разбира се и алкохолните изпълнения не изгубиха роля през почивката. След рязкото затопляне преди броени дни се отвори път и на биричката с импровизирано мезе. Видях се с близките за които нямах време. В заключение оставам една доволна усмивка и хубаво прекарано време.

P.S.: Now, back to work you little worm "bleep"! :D :b ^_^

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GTAC 2010: Automatically Generating Test Data for Web Applications

Google Test Automation Conference 2010
October 28-29, 2010

Automatically Generating Test Data for Web Applications
Presented by Jeff Offutt, Professor of Software Engineering, Volgenau School of Information and Technology, George Mason University.


The past decade has seen exciting changes in how we develop and test software. The need for reliability has grown enormously: The user base is expanding, technological advances put software into more mission-critical locations, software continues to grow in complexity, and software must be correct to be secure. However, despite the fact that many test techniques and criteria invented by researchers are now mature enough to be ready for industrial use, few have been adopted by industry. In particular, one of the hardest problems in software testing is automatic generation of test inputs; a problem with many sophisticated solutions from the research community but for which most industrial tools only use primitive solutions. This talk will discuss automatic test data generation in the context of unit / developer testing (dynamic domain reduction) and system testing of web applications (bypass testing), and explore some of the difficulties in transitioning research results in software testing to industrial use.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Jeff Offutt is Professor of Software Engineering at George Mason University. He has invented numerous test strategies, published over 120 refereed research papers, and is co-author of the textbook Introduction to Software Testing. He is editor-in-chief of Wiley's journal of Software Testing, Verification and Reliability; steering committee chair for the IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification, and Validation; and program chair for ICST 2009. He has consulted with numerous companies on software testing, usability, and software intellectual property issues.